• WEN Portable Generator Review

    From the low cost Wen WEN 56180 to the Power Monster Wen WEN 5613K, this Brand is a solid Choice if you want to byu the best portable Power Generator Online. Read this Review to find out why!

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  • A Portable Generator Is A Must To Own

    It is interesting to discover how many times in a person life a generator would be a handy thing to own. We all take for granted the fact that we will have 24 hour power every day of the year. The truth of the matter is that there are certain occasions when the power can go out. These occasions include hurricanes, tornadoes, severe power usage, ice storms, and so forth. During such occasions it can be both inconvenient and dangerous to be without power.

    For this reason it is important to have a portable generator close at hand. A portable generator can provide you with instant power whenever required. Recently, there have been a series of power outages in various locations because of the demand or the antiquated state of the power grid. As the years go by we will see that this situation even getting worse because electrical companies do not seem to be putting any additional resources into upgrading and improving the electrical grid.


    A generator is also a handy device to have if you live in an area where there is no power. People who love to fish, hunt or explore often have a cabin in the woods. These type of abodes are often located in areas without the modern conveniences of running water and power. For many such structures the only power available is a portable generator.

    Therefore, it is easy to understand that whether you live in the city or the countryside you should have a portable generator at your disposal. A great generator that would fit the bill would be the WEN 5613K portable generator. This generator will be ready to go when disaster knocks on your door. Your neighbors who are not prepared for such emergencies will be envious when they see that you and your family have lights and power.


    Why is the WEN a good choice?

    Use a text section to describe your values, or show more info, or summarize a topic, or tell a story. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetuer adipiscing elit, sed diam nonummy nibh euismod tincidunt ut laoreet dolore. This particular generator is available at a variety of retail outlets or you can buy it online. Some of the features that this generator has are digital readouts to help you manage an oil change and to keep a regular maintenance schedule. This generator also comes with an electric start, and automatic voltage regulator, a low oil shutdown feature, and overload protection.


    This generator meets all requirements and regulations for any of the states within the United States of America. It has foldable handles and a wheel kit for easy transportation. The unit comes with a 223 cc engine which will provide your home with 3750 regular watts and 4750 surge watts. The regular wattage rating is in relation to the maximum amount of watts that the generator can put out on a continual running basis. The surge wattage rating is the amount of watts that the generator can produce for a short period of time.


    There are many electrical devices that require short bursts of additional power. One such example is a refrigerator that requires a burst of power when the compressor comes on. The rated wattage that is listed on any generator is in accordance to the starting and stopping of the motor. A generator of this size requires a surge wattage capability so that it can draw extra power when either starting or turning off any of your electrical devices, gadgets, or appliances.

    The unit only weighs a little over 100 pounds and if you place the unit 22 feet from your home it will have a noise rating of 67 dB. This is a very acceptable noise rating level that will allow you to barely notice that the unit when it is running. Generators over the years have greatly improved in this area. Years ago a generator would be so loud that it would be almost impossible to think if you had it within 100 feet of your home.


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    Numbers & Figures

    WEN 56180

    1500 Running Watts

    WEN 56352

    3000 Running Watts

    WEN 56400

    3500 Running Watts

    WEN 56475

    3750 Running Watts

    WEN 56551

    5000 Running Watts

    WEN 56682

    5500 Running Watts

    WEN 56877

    7000 Running Watts

    WEN 5613K

    11000 Running Watts

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  • A Story

    Why a portable generator can be a lifesaver!

    A family who lives in Canada remembers a particular harsh winter when there was an ice storm. The ice storm caused trees branches and power lines to snap as they became extremely brittle. Living in a home that has no power when this type of storm is occurring is not a pleasant experience. Years ago the majority of homes had a wood stove to provide warmth in such a situation. Today however, there are many rules and regulations that prevent people from having a wood stove in their home.


    Life is precious and it would be a sad situation to find yourself without any means of keeping your family warm during such a time. Mother Nature can produce these type of serious climatic conditions at a moment’s notice. It is therefore imperative that a family has a portable generator to keep from freezing until the electrical company can get the power up and running again.



    The WEN 5613K portable generator is an excellent choice for such an emergency. As previously mentioned, one of the features of this generator is the keyless electric start. It may not seem like such an important feature until you try to pull on a frozen cord as your fingers grow numb from the cold. Pull cord technology is old and antiquated. No one should ever have to deal with a pull cord generator because the better generators have an electric start that will kick into life with a tap of a start button.


    This particular generator also comes with a spark arrestor. A spark arrestor plays an important role inside your generator. It virtually stops a generator from burning down a forest or setting your entire cabin in flames. It does this by preventing any flammable debris from exiting your generator. This is an especially important feature if you take your generator into the woods. In fact, you will need this type of safety feature if you are going to use your generator in a National Park.


    Not only will a generator be a handy item to have in case of power outages or disasters but it can also provide your home with a little bit of comfort. Your essentials such as lights and television will be available but it will also keep your refrigerator running. After all, if you are without power for any considerable length of time it will be important to have access to refrigerated food. Therefore, do yourself a big favor by purchasing a WEN 5613K portable generator.